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For bigger challenges, knowing where you’re at experience-wise is essential – it helps you prepare better for your next adventure. For our Level 5 trips the Consultation is mandatory, whilst for all other trips and your personal goals, it is highly recommended.

The Consultation takes place over one day, where you will get to meet with Jamie, our main guide. As well as talking about your ambitions and experience, we will get straight down into the nitty gritty: Completing a Self-assessment Form which we developed through our experience of prep and training for bigger trips will help you and us to evaluate your assumptions and put focus on the key points for further exercise and practice.. At the end of the session we will provide you with a detailed Training Plan and Training Log to monitor your progress.

We aim to get you on the right track with your training, both for long-term aspirations or a trip that’s just a few months away.

How to train and prepare varies greatly from trip to trip and for each individual. Therefore, this consultation is tailored closely to your needs: we work around your expedition aims and what specific experience and fitness is required for those, discuss your current skills and fitness levels and point to areas you could improve upon in your training.These areas include the physical capacities of endurance, strength and specific skills, but also the psychological factors of mental preparation, confidence and self-reliance.

Serious trips and first times at high altitude or the poles throw up a lot of questions. You will have the chance to learn more about acclimatisation, food and hydration at high altitude and altitude illnesses, as well as nutrition for polar travel and understanding and coping with the cold.



Once we have completed your training consultation, you will have the option to sign up to a Climbing Mentorship or Polar Mentorship where we continue to work with you throughout your training and act as sounding board for your goals and ambitions. As we get to know you more closely and know your fitness, abilities and ambitions, it is easier to have constructive discussions about your goals and support your individual progress.


This mentoring programme works on a 1:1 basis with regular meetings to assess your training progress and work on specific skills or fitness areas – either in the gym or in the mountains. Frequency of meetings depends on the time-frame of your training plan and can be varied according to your needs and availability.


For further information about the consultation and mentoring programme, including prices and payment plans get in touch below.





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