First steps to 7,000meters

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You’ve probably done a bit of indoor climbing,maybe ticked off some of the UK classic scrambles and experienced some minor epics during grim-weather Scottish mountain days.


Elbrus (3)


Time and money is short, and you’re lucky if you can escape to the Peaks or the Lakes for a weekend in the hills. Regardless, – for many good reasons, and for quite a while- you’ve been longing to go a bit higher and a bit harder.

But committing to your first high-altitude climb is bold.

It’s mostly money, fitness and general uncertainty about what to expect that most people are worried about.

To nip the first one in the bud: We offer a payment plan for our bigger trips to help you spread the cost.

Regarding fitness and uncertainty, there is no quick-fit answer.

Grade-wise, there are a range of entry-level, non-technical mountain climbs, including Aconcagua, Winter Toubkal and Mt Elbrus. These mountains offer plenty of challenges but don’t require extensive high-altitude experience or technical skills.

If you have done some scrambling and are generally mountain-fit, then you’re already half-way up to the summit. The key to mastering the rest of the mountain is time and acclimatisation.

But, the more prepared you are, the better!

You are probably still worried about altitude sickness, fitness and kit and have a million of questions. Why not ask? Drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll give advice! We can still remember our first high-altitude climbs, and how we got from there to the bigger stuff: we’re on a recce trip to Annapurna II and IV in November, so we’re in the middle of our prep for the climb right now!

Finding out about your personal fitness levels and the best ways in which you can prepare for the climb is the next step. This is covered in the pre-expedition training course we run in the UK as part of all of our international treks and expeditions.

You’ll get to know Jamie (Exped’s director) who will guide you up the mountain, and the rest of your team.It’s also great for trying out your kit. We’ll use everything that we use on the mountain, so nothing will come as a surprise. Additionally, we can get together to set up a personal training plan to get you in shape for the climb.

20160626_035518We have just got back from an amazing summit success on Mt Elbrus. Coming up next, are Aconcagua, January 2017 and Winter Toubkal, February 2017. Now is the perfect window to start thinking about these trips, with plenty of time to get training and preparation done.

A bit about Aconcagua (‘Stone Sentinel’ of South America and second highest of the Seven Summits)

Aconcagua is located in the Andes, the longest mountain range in the world. With 6,959 meters it’s the highest mountain outside the Himalayas.

Our team sets off in January 2017 to reach the summit. December through to March are the best months for climbing Aconcagua. At that time it’s the only place where you can nudge 7,000m without snow. During the winter months from May to August, most of the area is snow covered and extremely windy.

Taking the ascent via the Horcones Valley and the Northwest Ridge, we will face the challenge of altitude and unpredictable weather, but reaching the summit is possible without any previous rope climbing experience! It’s also the perfect preparation for if you want to tackle some of the higher peaks in the Himalayas.

Any questions about high-altitude climbing or our upcoming trips?  Get in touch:

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Or visit our office in Staveley | The Old Studio, Main Street, LA8 9LW

Or sign up to our email series ‘First steps to 7,000meters: How to get high’, starting in August. To sign up, send us an email with the subject line ‘7,000m’.




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