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Want to take a group of your students away on a life-changing adventure? We’d be delighted to work with you to make it happen.



‘Because it’s there.’ – The most famous three words in mountaineering, by George Mallory, on why he wanted to climb Everest.



Learning Outside the Classroom

Personal motivations for climbing mountains, joining expeditions and facing challenges are diverse, and whilst your aim might not be Everest (yet), we all take away hugely powerful lessons and experiences for life, whether students, teachers or leaders.

One of our main aims for our expeditions is to help people gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. From our own experience we know that overcoming physical and mental challenges of exploring extreme environments provides great opportunity for personal development. Our leaders will help young people to develop their teamwork and leadership ability, and each expedition gives the opportunity to learn a range of different skills.


Working Together

Thinking about all the different locations and activities for your expedition is truly exciting. From remote mountain tops to self-supported polar crossings – we have been there and done it, and we are keen to share our experience.

Whether you’ve got a rough idea of where you’d like to go, a detailed itinerary, or only an indication of times and budgets, we will arrange to meet up, get out some maps and come up with an itinerary that suits your budgets, ambitions and learning objectives.

We know that planning an expedition can be quite a time-consuming task, which is why we offer support at all levels of the planning process. Our outline table of Working Phases gives you an idea of what the process of expedition planning can look like.



  • Itinerary Planning: Drafting your plan, discussing ideas (objectives, aims, projects, budget)
  • Support material: Providing example itineraries, resources, slideshows, images, marketing material
  • Which different levels/challenges can we provide?
  • Launch meeting – evening presentation for pupils and parents
  • Paperwork – risk assessments, Teachers Guidance Pack
  • Online groups
  • Meeting your expedition leader (qualifications)
  • Training courses – fitness
  • Kit and equipment


We are keen to ensure that all the information we supply for teachers, parents and students is well designed and researched. We prepare information packs and provide resources when required.



About Exped Adventure


  • We are out there on recce-trips, researching new destinations, and pushing outside our own comfort zone, to make sure every trip we offer is tried and tested. Talking to us, you will get the enthusiasm and passion of someone who has been there themselves.


  • We offer a personalised, tailored journey, from enquiry to stepping out on the mountain, to the next adventure. We are always free for a coffee and a chat and go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.


  • We offer continuity throughout the whole process – we make sure that you get used to the same face throughout. Assigning one guide as main contact for every meeting and training session will make things easier for you, and gives plenty of time for students and teachers to get familiar with their main expedition leaders.


  • Safety is one of our primary concerns. Reassuring parents that their children will be in good hands will be important in the pre-expedition phase. Our guides’ qualifications and first aid training makes sure of this. We have invested in additional safety appliances such as access to remote medical support, training as Wilderness Medical Technician, and a PLB and Spot Device – which gives a breadcrumb track of our daily location in remote areas. Satellite phones and comprehensive first aid kits are standard.


  • Spending our lives on expeditions and working as guides, we have lots of captivating stories to tell. We would like to inspire your students and encourage curiosity and ambition with a tailored and unpretentious presentation to introduce your expedition.


  • Over our time of leading expeditions, we have learned that training and appropriate preparation is extremely important and adds great value to the expedition with many skills gained and increased personal confidence. Because of this, we have exceeding experience in creating tailored training plans and running skills sessions. Our training courses are the reason why our groups are strong and close-knit, and have a strong track record of reaching the expedition goals.


  • Being out there in the rain, snow and cold ourselves for over 20 years, we have plenty of expert knowledge on the right kit to choose for your expedition.


  • Scaling mountains and crossing wilderness is our main passion, but we don’t neglect the culture and heritage of the places we go to. For that reason we have an ambassador for art and heritage on our team, adding another facet to the expedition.


Get in touch

To get started on your expedition, get in touch with us via the contact details below. We are here to answer any questions and discuss your ideas. We look forward to chatting to you, and are ready to offer plenty of useful advice and suggestions.

You can contact us via email at or give us a call on 01539 822967.





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