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About us


‘Right now there must be something telling you that you should do this… a gut feeling, a tiny voice in the back of your head, the flutter of your heart even at the thought of it? I’m glad I listened to those feelings because the sense of adventure and achievement I was looking for was exactly what Exped Adventure delivered on this trip.’                                             (Emma Hazell, Hardangervidda crossing)


And that’s what we do: We inspire a longing for adventure and remote places. We encourage people to do things which they may never have thought of doing or been too hesitant to attempt.

Our expeditions are not a stroll in the hills – what we offer are challenges. We enable people to gain an experience in places that are inaccessible otherwise.

We operate at high altitude and in polar regions. Remoteness and technicality are what makes us do a new challenge. We know what it’s like to be pushing yourself and to achieve something. We love getting people to the top and seeing their excitement and euphoria!

Setting goals is important for training and personal achievement in the outdoors. We hope that our trips are more than one-off holidays: We have supported clients and their progression with individual goal setting and training plans over the last four years. Our trips are designed as entry to expert level stepping stones.

We enjoy gaining a rapport with people and mutual trust. Having depth of knowledge of someone and a good rapport means that we can give really good advice, as does our on-the-ground experience and the fact that we live and work the job all the time.


Our values


Our interest in building and sustaining close relationships with our clients shapes our approach to what we do. We are proud to be a company which is able to offer personalised support to each of our clients and respond to their individual needs.

First-hand experience

We are out there on recce-trips, researching new destinations, and pushing outside our own comfort zone, to make sure every trip we offer is tried and tested. Talking to us, you will get the enthusiasm and passion of someone who has been there themselves.


We offer continuity throughout all expedition phases – we make sure that you get used to the same face throughout. Assigning one guide as main contact for every meeting and training session will make things easier for you, and gives plenty of time for group members to get familiar with their main expedition leaders.


Signing up to an adventure that’s out of your comfort zone can be daunting. We are keen to ensure that you are well-prepared to be able to fully enjoy your experience and achieve your personal goals. Every international trip includes a training course, which covers kit-talks, time to get to know your expedition equipment and plenty of opportunities to ask questions before setting out on your trip.

Safe hands

All our treks have qualified and experienced leaders, hand-picked for individual itineraries. Our leaders are full time mountain professionals, who are skilled to offer maximum safety in challenging terrain. They have access to remote medical support and carry comprehensive medical kits and satellite phones. We have invested in additional safety appliances such as training as Wilderness Medical Technician, and a PLB and Spot Device.


We are always looking at ways of improving our trips. We never compromise on the quality of the resources we provide, whether that’s the tents used for our polar expeditions, or well-researched information packs. Being out there in the rain, snow and cold ourselves for over 20 years, we have plenty of expert knowledge on the right kit to choose for your expedition and are happy to offer all the advice you need.

Group size

We believe that group size is one of the most important factors determining the kind of experience you will have. Smaller group sizes give us the flexibility to meet individual goals and expectations. We are happy to work with larger groups by special arrangements.




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